Our last night in our RV

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My family travelled to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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6 hours driving ahead of us to get to our last RV site in Brigham City from Grant Village in Yellowstone. It is a long drive - almost 300 miles and the RV feels like it could us a good rest! The check engine light is on, it is leaking water and when filling the gas it leaves a small patch of fuel on the floor. But we are heading back and none of these seem to have stopped us so far so we may as well push on. I had ideas of stopping at a few places on the way but in the end we decided to just get the miles under our belt as soon as possible.

One place we really did have to stop however was Jackson Hole. Kate had failed to find any boots in her price range but fortunately it was her birthday so she decided to make here boots the present! We parked up near Jackson town centre and before braving the shops we popped into Moo's Ice Cream for some ice creams and ate them in the town square, basking in the heat of the day. Then it was off to hit the shops. The leather work is a feature of the shopping here and we browsed not only boots but belts and other leather clothes.

Kate with her new cowboy boots from Jackson Hole Wyoming Despite having the extra fire power of her birthday money, the boots ranged from affordable to downright extortionate. After a few attempts though she found what she was looking for at the bargain price of $89. I bought an Indian style belt and we were on our way again. There isn't much specific to say about the trip which continued to reinforce the awesome landscapes, first of Wyoming with canyons and valleys to rival anything in Yellowstone itself and the Idaho with its wide open countryside.

Finally we crossed the border into Utah and made our way to our final RV site, the KOA at Brigham City where we had spent our first night. It was hot after the cool nights in Yellowstone so we ate in the RV with the air conditioning and reflected on our holiday before turning in for our last night in the RV. While the consensus was that it had been a great holiday (Kate putting Montana at the very top of our holiday destinations!), I think everyone is looking forward to spending a night in a real bed again!