Going to the Sun Road

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My family travelled to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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Entering the National Glacier Park There can be only a handful of drives in the US and maybe the world that can claim to be as spectacular as the Going to the Sun Road in the Glacier National Park, Montana. We spent a happy day driving the 50 miles of the road in a 4x4 rented from the Dollar Rental centre based in the Sears Motel, East Glacier. We stopped off at many of the viewing points, sometimes a quick photo opportunity, others a walk or we'd just sit and enjoy the view for a while.

 We rose early from our beds in the Tipis of Lodgepole near Browning and ate a hearty breakfast before saying farewell to Daryl and Angelika. But not before Daryl had written down some native Indian words for us to take away!

 We drove the RV down to Sears motel in East Glacier and picked up our 4x4. After a quick coffee and snack from the general store across the road we set off up Highway 49 towards St Mary's and the entrance to the National Park ($25 entrance fee).

 Even before we had made it to the entrance we had our camera out and were snapping photos. The many stopping points on the road are well documented so I won't try and mention them all, but a few we liked were:

 Wild Goose Island - Wild Goose Island on St Mary's lake, after the boat stop was a little viewing spot where you could make your way down the the lake side. The rocks at the edge of the lake are unusual - big slabs of granite-like rock with groves that turned them into squares like chunks of chocolate or as if they'd had a cookie cutter used on them.

 - Jackson Glacier Overlook. We just sat by the edge of the road with a snack and a drink and took in the magnificent Jackson Glacier

  - Avalanche Creek. Beautiful short walk around the creek known as the Trail of the Cedars. The was plenty of parking but it was pretty full!

 - McDonald lake and Lodge. We rented a motorboat ($23 p/h) and then had a meal in the lodge restaurant.

 Mostly though we marvelled at the scenario while driving slowly (when no one was behind us!) down the road.

 Waterfall at Avalanche CreekLogan Pass was too crowded to park and there were roadworks between Big Bend and Bird Woman Falls which were a real drag (they shut off so much of the road that they were not actually working on that it created big tail back). But other than that the whole experience was great.

 Our final trip that day wasn't so great! We had a rental car and an RV but not towing it so Lisa had to drive the car (which she doesn't like abroad) and I drove the RV. It was late and had turned dark plus we were travelling to a new RV Park (Aspenwood Lodge) which we should have checked in by 8. We called ahead and they were find for us to park and check in the next day but the drive in the dark with the RV going over uneven narrow roads with Lisa driving the car very close behind for about 40 mins was horrible!

 But we made it and Aspenwood is a pleasant, well equipped site with friendly owners and a few very friendly dogs!