Driving the RV SLC to Brigham City

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My family travelled to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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Our first day with our RV! 20120811-074106.jpg A leisurely breakfast at the hotel - Tom managed to drop the bacon (the waitress coming to his defence when he was being told off for trying to take the bacon to his plate rather than the other way round. 'Better spill the bacon than the plate') and Callum discovered he was a mean waffle chef! Cost of the breakfast was $40 in total and Tom's was free (ironically he ate the most). Need to work out an approach for tipping - was going to tip 10% but read on the Internet that you only give 10% if you are really unsatisfied with the service. Why would you give anything if you were that unhappy! Left 20% but can't do that all trip - I'll be broke!

A short taxi ride and we reach Hugh's RVs who run the local branch of El Monte's RV network in Salt Lake City. The charging mechanism for taxis and shuttles etc is confusing for me. Other places I've been it is best to stay clear of cabs and book a shuttle but in SLC the quotes I was getting to get for shuttles were up to $200! 20120811-074428.jpgAnd some of them weren't even private. Where as the taxi that the hotel kindly called up for us was a good size SUV and it cost $30. The driver stayed with us until we confirmed exactly where we needed to drop the cases. I gave him an extra $10 - I was feeling generous! The process of collecting the RV is simple and straightforward - an Introductory video which frankly has so much information it is difficult to follow, then a few forms, a tour of the RV itself (a cab over C28 - 30 ft long and 12 ft high with room for 6 people) and we're out on the road! It's not as difficult as I thought it might be.

We took it slow and soon reached our first stop - Callum's favourite shop of the moment - Walmart! $200 later and about an hour of Callum saying 'I told you this was better than Adsa', we've got a fully stocked fridge so we hit the road, headed for Brigham City KOA. The vista as we drive up Highway 89 is sensational. The Wasatch Mountains make a great backdrop with their long ridges that show where they were once the edges of a large lake. Now nothing remains of this enormous body of water but the spectacular mountains.

20120811-074453.jpgBrigham (pronounced brig..ham) City KOA is small but seems well equipped for our purposes having a swimming pool and a games room. The enormous bear stands as the symbol of KOA, an ominous reminder that bear country lies ahead! We settle down for a quiet afternoon but soon the sweltering 30+ degrees afternoon is broken by an awesome lighting display and we're forced inside. Nevertheless the games are fun inside too - UNO, pass the pig and Phase 10! The first go at cooking in the RV oven could have gone better. The first pizza was great but the second set off the smoke alarm. Finally our day is over and the kids eventually settle down to sleep. Looking forward to our first real day on the road tomorrow! Jackson, Wyoming...