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My family travelled to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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20120811-231228.jpg'It's not the bears you need to worry about' said the attendant at the Brigham City RV Grocery Store just before we left for our trip through Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming. 'It's the mountain lions!'. I laughed and decided to ignore this for a few days at least. The trip from Brigham City to Jackson Wyoming was about 4 hours but we took another hour to stop a couple of times along the way to take in the fabulous Idaho scenery we passed as we traveled. We stopped for a quick microwave 'hot pocket' (thank goodness for generators!) at the roadside in some scenic, if secluded location.

When we eventually arrived at Jackson Wyoming we easily found our RV site - Virginia Lodge. It was quite crowded but the check in was efficient and a pull through site awaited us with full hook up facilities. The manager was very friendly and explained that there was a Cowboy Shoot Out at the Town Square at 6pm and a rodeo at the fair ground at 8. There was a free bus into town but after a quick dip in the camp swimming pool we decided to walk into town (just less than 1 mile).

20120811-231605.jpgJackson town centre is pretty and the are lots of great, if expensive shops. Kate was keen to get some leather cowboy boots but the price tag of over $100 was a little rich for her! The town shoot out was conducted by the town theatre group and was great fun.

The storyline was relatively thin but the boys love the shooting although one of the rifles when off right by us and we almost screamed with fright. The best bit though was the fact that they were able to see the cowboys afterwards and collect a spent shell each!

After and ice cream and a little more window shopping (Callum and Tom were eager for cowboy hats and I quite fancy a belt and my customary t-shirt although tourist prices seemed pretty high) we headed to the rodeo.

The Jackson Rodeo started at 8 and continued to 10. We regretted not thinking a little ahead because the air turned cool around 8.30 but the show was good with rodeos, bare back rides, sheep rides (where children under 22 desperately try and cling onto the back of a sheep!) and lassoing. Kate found it a little cruel but in the end found fun in cheering as riders fell off (fortunately no one was hurt!) 20120811-232126.jpg