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My family travelled to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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We are now solidly back in Grizzly Bear country, deep in Yellowstone park at the Canyon Village RV site. The site is huge, taking tents as well as RVs and also has a lodge but it is missing lot of the amenities we've taken for granted at other sites - no electrical hookups, no water at the individual sites, no free wifi (you can go to the lodge and pay $4.95 - which we did because we can't survive 30 seconds without a connection!) and showers are limited to 6 free showers in 3 days (between 5). But the are upsides - every site has a fire pit for open fires.

The anxiety in the children has risen a notch with the knowledge that we are now inside the park and bear danger is real and present. Suspect this first night may be a little restless although we should definitely be less worried that the people in tents! The day has been one of RV issues. After several days of no fridge when not connected to electricity and the prospect of 4 days with no hook up, we decided to call the breakdown. It turned out that we'd accidentally switched off the auxiliary battery! Having resolved this troublesome issues we encountered a few more!

There is water leaking in one side of the RV (looks like fresh water) and while driving from Bozeman the check engine light came on! The manual says that if this happens 'keep driving and we'll look at it when you return the vehicle'!! Added to that the gas leaks a little when filling up (but not otherwise) which tends to lead to an embarrassing patch at the garage! Still we made it to Yellowstone in one piece.

Mammoth Hot Springs At Yellowstone we visited Mammoth Hot Springs. This natural phenomena is caused by hot water being forced to the surface by volcanic forces, bringing minerals that form fantastic shapes and colours. Addition colour is added by tiny microscopic organisms that mean that the colour can change rapidly. Lisa and the children seem to be flagging on the 'learning new things' scale so I spent most of the time admiring the shapes and feeling the heat from the springs myself! Before heading to Canyon Village to check in we visited Boiling River. This badly signposted feature is just north of Mammoth Campground. The instructions are contradictory as well with some signs saying no swimming but others saying swim in the Gardner River only.

We walked along the river bank to where about 20-30 people were bathing in an area that had additional rocks placed strategically to create a little pool. Into this pool ran a green river that was giving off steam (the Boiling River) and another that was flowing down through Yellowstone (Gardner River). Where these met they create a wonderful 'juxtaposition' (always wanted to use that in a proper sentence!) of hot and cold water. We found a great spot where we could put one foot in cold water and the other in hot water! It was a good day today for wildlife too. We saw several Elk cows at Mammoth and a large snake at the Boiling River. So coming back to the could be three time lucky in one day!