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Mormon Temple Salt Lake CitiyIt was an early start again for our last full day in the USA. We had to be in Salt Lake City to drop the RV off at 11am. I was a bit concerned because a number of bumps and dents on the RV had been there before we rented it but hadn't been marked on the paperwork. Kate had taken a photo as evidence but I was mentally preparing for an argument but I needn't have worried - Scott at Hugh's RV checked the mileage and signed off the RV. We'd paid for 1500 miles but I had estimated around 1800. In the end we were close to 1850. We then headed for our final resting place in SLC - The Hyatt Place.

We were warmly greeted and because we were early they looked for early check in rooms which meant we didn't could get settled in quickly. David on the desk was fabulous and helped us get sorted. Having dropped our bags and checked in online for our US Airways flight we headed into the city, mainly to find Night Flight Comics, the store that Tom had researched online and was desperate to visit. Salt Lake City has a great team service and in the city centre it is free.

So we travelled from th Hyatt to the City Library in about 20 mins (after one false attempt where we misunderstood 'Salt Lake Central' for the city centre when in fact it meant the central station! The store was a little difficult to find. We had an address and Google maps placed it right at the 4 way junction where the library was located. After walking up and down the street we eventually realised it was in the Library complex.

Night Flight Comics When TJ saw the store the Night Flight Comics store he was very excited and after around 45 mins came out with $23 worth of comic books (7 comics) and Callum came out with 2 as well. We walked excitedly through the marvellous library (which had it's own coffee shop and lots of comfortable sitting areas!). Kate and Lisa had spent the time in City Creek shopping mall with some success despite the prices and we met for a drink and cake at Starbucks in the Marriott downtown before Lisa, Tom and Callum retuned to the Hyatt while Kate and I quickly checked out the Mormon Temple Square.

We didn't know much about Mormons before, other than Utah is a Mormon area and to be frank we don't know a whole lot more now (not much time and the main temple is closed to outsiders although there are guides available for the other areas). However from what we can clean Mormons are mainly regular Christians although they do place a heavy emphasis on abstinence (no sex before marriage, no drinking or smoking) and the have a reputation for having many wives. We returned to the hotel and after a very pleasant dip in the hotel pool and hot tub we when to Baggio's just two blocks

from the hotel. It was a great last meal with good wine, great food and friendly service. Bed is now beckoning as we had a 10.55 flight tomorrow. Morning calls for 7!