The Big Adventure to Yellowstone and Glacier Park awaits

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My family travelled to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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The tension builds as it always does as we sit in the airport ahead of another epic family adventure. With exotic holidays behind us, this one is a new departure. Renting an RV and travelling through the beautiful landscapes of Wyoming and Montana taking in the fantastic Yellowstone National Park, the National Glacier Park, a night in an Indian Tipee, white water rafting and horse riding (courtesy of the Flying Pig Company in Gardiner, Montana!).

We're looking forward to the wildlife but the kids (well its getting difficult to call them that now they're almost all in the teens with Kate reaching 16 while we will be on holiday) are apprehensive about meeting bears close up. Apart from the instructions on 'what to do if you meet a bear', which include standing your ground and then playing dead, the various myths (hopefully) of bears ripping the side of RV to get the fridge haven't really helped!

But that's not what I am sitting here nervously contemplating as we wait for our 4 hour delayed US Airways flight from Gatwick (we are changing in Charlotte, North Carolina and onward to Salt Lake City). My biggest nerves are about picking up the RV. Will it be decent? Will it live up to expectations? Will we be hit with loads of extra charges for things I've not thought about!? And of course, will I be able to drive it?

Too late to change our minds now! Time to put all doubts behind us and head off to a new American adventure. Hopefully it will be worth writing about!