The Empire State building

Flag of USA, the Stars and Stripes
My family travelled to New York City and then across state to Niagara Falls - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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No visit to New York would be complete without a visit to the Empire State Building and our trip was no different. We decided to visit at night to see the lights of the city. As it is February we wrap up warm because we know it is going to be cold but at least the queue are minimal.

It probably took us about 20 mins to get through the tickets and security and then make our way to the 86th floor (first you ride to the 80th and then change lift). One view from the Empire State Building (86th Floor)The price was high particularly because there are 5 of us and children over 12 have to pay an adult fee. When the late at the ticket counter explained it was $179 for all 5 of us to visit the 86 and 102 floors and would I like a guide I couldn't help myself by saying 'no thanks I don't have any money left'. She took pity on us and countered our 13 year old as a child which knocked off $6! On the 86th floor the view was spectacular.

On the south side it was clear and cold and we spent about 10 minutes taking pictures and spotting landmarks. A brief stop inside to warm up and then we headed out on the other side. The wind was strong at it felt like we were in the arctic! The 102nd floor was reached using a manual lift (manual doors I think!). There was little space up here but the view was clear.

We could even just about see the Statue of Liberty in the distance. Glad we did it but whether the 102nd was really worth the extra $15 each is debatable! We spent about an hour in total before returning to the ground and heading for dinner.