Shopping in 5th Ave

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My family travelled to New York City and then across state to Niagara Falls - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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OMG shopping in 5th avenue New York. What an experience. And not a good one (well I know I am in the minority!).

After a pleasant afternoon walking the quiet, relaxing paths within New York's Central Park we walked back along 5th Ave on the east side of the park, passes the Metropolitan Museum of Art towards the hub of designer brands. The first stop was the Apple Store with its fancy circular elevator taking you down the a cacophony of Apple employees all doing their best to 'serve' you.

Then on to Tiffanys. The jewellry is amazing but so are the prices. Still it's a 40th birthday so we spend a long while in browsing especially in the silver section which is a particular favourite of Lisa's. In true designer jewellery style most of them pieces are unmarked. I guess this is under the premise that if you have to ask you can't afford or perhaps that once you've asked your already half committed. Anyway I think it makes the process a whole lot more stressful. Didn't buy anything but quite a few ideas to come back to tomorrow! Then we had to brave Abercrombie and Fitch. It was a struggle to stay sane in the noisy, hot and high service atmosphere. Not to mention expensive.

I can't hide my frustration at paying so much for clothes simply because of the name on them. Especially as the name is my own (although we spell it correctly with a y rather than an ie!) After what felt like an hour we eventually managed to escape with an $80 hoodie and a $40 perfume. I suppose I should be grateful! By now it's getting dark and after a quick trip to the NBA store on 5th and Barnes and Noble we decide to head for dinner at Ellen's Startdust Diner on broadway just metres away from out hotel.

The kids are tired as its their first full day on US time! We'll leave the empire state building for another day!