Ellen’s Stardust Diner

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Ellen's Stardust Diner was recommended by a friend back in the UK and it was a great recommendation. The diner is kitted out as a traditional 50s diner but the real attraction is the singing waiters and waitresses. All broadway hopefuls they sing with karaoke backing climbing up on the backs of the seats or singing directly to someone in the restaurant.

The waitress introduced herself and explained that they were famous for burgers and milk shakes. The children ordered cookies and cream milk shakes which were fabulous. The burgers were great although the children were definitely on their last legs.

One downside for us was the 18% service charge added automatically to the bill (for all parties of 5 and more). I think a tip is optional and should never be added automatically and 18% is taking the mickey! We had no starters, 4 main courses and drinks and the bill came to $150 - about $30 per head. Still it was a good evening and worth the visit.