Crowne Plaza Times Square

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My family travelled to New York City and then across state to Niagara Falls - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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 The Crowne Plaza Times Square is in a great location just at the northern end of Times Square near 48th street. It is closer to 50th metro on 1, 2, & 3 lines than the station entitled Times Square which is on 42nd. The hotel is a nice clean hotel and the staff were friendly. I mentioned that it was Lisa's 40th birthday and they sent up a complementary bottle of red wine and some fruit. However it is a pricey hotel - which you'd expect in that location - but I couldn't help feeling ripped off.

Even after paying the high price to stay they charged for everything extra. The WIFI cost $15 per day whereas the much cheaper Hilton we stayed at near the airport had free WIFI. It did have free printing for checking into your flights but when we wanted to print our hire car confirmation it cost $10 to get online (even though we were already paying for WIFI for the laptop) and $1.50 per page printed. The food was also charged at a high price - breakfast buffet was $32!

Drinks were expensive although probably not much more than other prices around Times Square. As everywhere we got charged a service charge for the privilege of having 3 children (5 people eating). At least here it was only 15% not 18% in many places. So overall mixed feelings. I expect if they'd had free Wifi and reasonable printing costs I might feel differently but would probably try elsewhere next time!