911 Memorial

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In the heart of the financial district where the twin towers used to stand is a new tranquil park that pays homage to those who died on 9th September 2001.

911 Memorial in New YorkIt's still very much under construction. The park itself with its beautiful memorial pools is in place. Each pool has water cascading down all 4 of its square sides into a large square pool below and then toward another square hole that where it appears to disappear below.

The vision is striking and makes me feel that the central hole is dropping deep into the earth below. The engraved names of all those who died in the metal around the pools completes the solemn picture. Around this park the new building continues with one of these large structures being the new World Trade Centre.

In a city that seems to charge a fortune for everything it is refreshing and appropriate that this park is free and only request a donation towards it upkeep. Tickets still have to be provided in the Preview Centre around the corner and there is an extensive security system checking bags and clothes before you can enter but this is a definite must visit location in my opinion.