Our trip to New York

Flag of USA, the Stars and Stripes
My family travelled to New York City and then across state to Niagara Falls - this is what we did and what we enjoyed (and didn't!).

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It had finally arrived. 6 months in the planning followed by 24 hours of panicked preparing and packing, wondering if the snow would hold off and the when it didn't wondering whether it would melt quick enough to prevent a delay. At last Lisa's 40th birthday trip was about to get underway. New York. The Big Apple. Manhattan.

4 days of shopping and sightseeing. 4 days of good food. 4 days of urban excitement. But that was not the whole of the plan. Unable to contemplate paying for the whole family to come to America (at a cost of more than £2000 for the flights alone) I had felt compelled to expand the itinerary and make it just a little more special.

So after 4 days in NYC we're off to Niagara Falls - the Canadian side (Lisa has always wanted to visit Canada) for a helicopter ride over the Falls. Then a long but leisurely drive 'cross state' passed Rochester, Syracuse and Albany to spend a peaceful night in Vermont New England (Lisa also loves the idea of New England although in truth we're only heading 20 miles in!).

The finally back to The Big Apple, staying near Madison Square Gardens in the hope of scooping up some tickets to see the Knicks for less than the 100 dollars a ticket you can get online! I promises to be a trip to remember. Something a bit different from our normal adventure holiday. But something that Lisa will hopefully remember fondly over the next 40 years! So here I am on the plane, glass of red wine in my hand.

Heathrow terminal 5 safely behind me and my only decision I have to make is what film to watch! The Clan Abercromby are coming to America!