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My family travelled around Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia: this site tells our first hand experiences.

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We love unusual destination and have had fabulous holidays in far flung places such as Sri Lanka, Capetown and Yellowstone National Park. However for this holiday we looked much closer to home and Bosnia and Herzegovina provided the perfect destination. It had exactly what we look for in a holiday - interesting culture (in this case the background of the relatively recent Bosnian War), adventure activities (white water rafting - including night rafting and mountain hiking) and allure that it is location few people visit.
I am willing to admit that I knew very little about Bosnia and Herzegovina before I considered this holiday. I feel slightly ashamed given that the Bosnian war with the atrocities of the siege of Sarajevo and the genocide at Srebrenica happened in my lifetime. However it proved to be a fantastic choice for a holiday. The flights were inexpensive, accommodation was cheap (although we booked all the accommodation through Airbnb which made it even more cost effective compared to hotel rooms for a party of seven!) and the people were incredibly friendly.
As with all of my holidays the final itinerary was pruned from an original list which we would never have got into a single holiday. I would certainly have wished for a little more time in Sarajevo and Mostar as well as a little extra in the coastal resorts of Croatia. But the final itinerary worked very well.
We decided to make it a fly-drive holiday so we flew into Zagreb (we couldn't fly direct into Sarajevo from London) and hired a large Renault Traffic with 9 seats for the trip that took us from Zagreb to Banja Luka, the Sarajevo before travelling onto Mostar and into Croatia to Cavtat and Dubrovnik. We finally drove the long return trip to Zagreb along the coast to Split and then back to the capital.
Our itinerary
- Day 1 Fly to Zagreb and drive to Banja Luka
 - Day 2 Explore Jayce with its waterfall and lake and then night-rafting in the evening Day 3 to Day 6 in Sarajevo
 - Day 3 Tour of Sarajevo including the Tunnel of Life
 - Day 4 Rafting near Konjic
 - Day 5 Hiking in the mountains visiting the village of Ljiomo
 - Day 6 Visiting Srebrenica
 - Day 7 Driving to Cavtat in Croatia via Mostar Day 8 to 10 staying in a villa near Cavtat and Dubrovnik
 - Day 8 Swimming in the Hidden Beach near the village of Popovici   
 - Day 9 Visiting Dubrovnik
 - Day 10 Relaxing at Cavtat and visiting Lokrom Day
 - 11 Driving back to Zagreb visiting the Bear Refuge at Kutereo on the way Day 
- 12 Sightseeing in Zagreb

We absolutely loved Bosnia. It's been through a lot in recent years and is in the unenviable position of being the poorest country in Europe but it has such fabulous potential as a holiday destination. I promised those I met on our trip that I would recommend Bosnia - and so I'm doing that right here!