Our Family Holiday Adventures

My family love travelling to new places, this site shares our experiences - what we liked, and what we didn't

Tell others about Yellowstone, Glacier National Park, Montana and Wyoming

Read about our holiday experience in Sri Lanka, Egypt, China, New York and Niagara, Yellowstone and Montana, Turkey and Bosnia

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My family love to travel to unusual places and experience new things. We've been lucky enough to have had some amazing holidays and when I'm planning these adventures for my family I am always look for other people's experiences - whether it is what guides, tour operators or airlines to use or whether it is advice on what experiences worked best. What I find is there are very few non-commericial site around that provide this sort of information (and most of the commercial sites are frankly rubbish when it comes to giving real holiday truths. So I decided at least to help others by writing out our experiences.

While I try and write down the historic facts that I learn as I go along, this site is not specifically a historical documentary site so don't take all of the facts as gospel. The idea is to simply tell your what we did, what we enjoyed and what we didn't. You may be different!

I've written about 7 of our holidays - Sri Lanka (2008), Egypt (2010), China (2011), New York and Niagara (2012), Yellowstone and Montana (2012), Turkey (2013) and Bosnia (2015)