Day 8-10 Cavtat and the Adriatic Coast

Flag of Bosnia Herzegovina
My family travelled around Bosnia Herzegovina and Croatia: this site tells our first hand experiences.

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A few quick notes about travelling in Bosnia and Croatia.

We hired a car in Zagreb and drove it into Bosnia, around Bosnia, down to the Croatian Adriatic coast and then back to Zagreb (over 2,000 miles in total).

The driving was fine and it was easy to follow directions (although hiring the sat nav definitely helped). Most of the roads in Bosnia are small and slow so don't expect to make too much progress. Definitely worth a bit of patience as once I got a little impatient and overtook a local only to find the speed limit reducing at the same point and got pulled over by the police. Fortunately they didn't want the hassle of fining and international tourist but I'm sure they wouldn't always be so accomodating. It certainly reminded me to be patient. However there are some new motorways being built between the big cities - notably at least some of the way from Zagreb to Banja Luka and a little bit around Sarajevo. There was quite a bit of construction so hopefully more will emerge.

The only place in Bosnia that was a little trick was the track uo to Lukomir which was basically just a single gravel track for about 17 miles but then it was a mountain trail so that comes with the territory!

By contrast Croatia was has a modern road system with fabulous motorways between most of the major centres. It was a long drive from Dubrovnik to Zagreb but it went fast and we made great progress.

I'd happily drive again in either country.