Day 8-10 Cavtat and the Adriatic Coast

Flag of Bosnia Herzegovina
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After several wonderful, if hectic days in Bosnia we finally crossed the border into Croatia which has a much more Eurpean feel. We were staying at a lovely villa booked through Airbnb just outside the seaside town of Cavtat. It was a wonderful lanscape and the Adriatic sea was beautiful.

Only day booked out was Dubrovnik but we spent a couple of days/evenings exploring Cavtat and the beaches in the area.

Cavtat is a nice, if a little touristy place. It has lots of restaurants and tourist shops. There is no need to rush into the first one you come to (although all of the restaurants we ate in were nice) as you can walk either way from the car park in town and find plenty. We parked in the town for a small fee but you can park at the hotel just round the bay for free and easily walk back round to the town.

We went for a lovely meal on the first evening and then walked around the old town with its narrow streets and stairs that lead from the seafront to the quiet residential streets.

On one day we spent a lovely afternoon at the water park - a floating park with slides and climbing areas. It was good fun although the kids (12 and 13) struggled a little to get round - you need to have a bit of strength to pull yourself up on some of the inflatables and it can be tricky to get back on if you fall off! But leaping from the top into the sea below is good fun. We rented a couple of deck chairs and enjoyed the afternnon sun while the boys tried to negotiate the park. Eventually we took turns to help them!

However the loveliest beach we tried was the one at Popovici. It is hard to find! We drove along the coast from Cavtat and drove straight through Popovici without noticing the turning on the right (which almost seems to be off-road). There is a little cabin there which looks to be a shop or ice cream seller but wasn't open. We weren't entirely sure but followed the track up, taking the wrong turn into people's properties several times before eventually finding ourselves at a little car parking area with an astro-turf nearby. From here we walked down the cliff-face walk (which has a handle rail where needed!). The beach at the bottom was well worth it though. Totally isolated (so take water and food!) but a wonderful place to swim and lazy about on the beach.