Day 7 - Stari Most Mostar

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This was a travelling day for us. We had finished our tour of Sarajevo and needed to make our way down to the coast for the relaxing part of our holiday in Cavtat near Dubrovnik in Croatia. However we couldn't leave Bosnia without visiting the iconic Stari Most ("Old Bridge") in Mostar. The bridge has an ancient history but was distroyed in the Bosnian war. However it has now been restored and returned to it formal glory.

The drive from Mostar was fairly easy - Bosnian roads are, in general, not fast, but they're also not too busy either. As long as you have a bit of patience then its pleasant driving. Mostar however is pretty busy, especially once you get down to the tourist areas. That said, we nagivated ourselves without trouble to a parking spot only 5 mins from the bridge - it was very tight to get the car in (especially our 9 seater) but there were several people around acting as parking attendents and we were soon parked and walking down to the river.

The heat was pretty intense but there are plenty of ice cream sellers around. So we wandered over the bridge and among the many market stalls - all very touristy and we didn't buy anything. However, having now seen what is available in Croatia I'd say this was a good place to buy things - Croatia is very "kiss me quick" tacky tourist souvenirs. Here in Mostar the goods did at least look well made and authentic.

After taking pictures from the bridge we wandered down the winding path to the river where you can sit with your feet in the river, watching some of the crazier people jump from increasingly high platforms. If you're lucky you might see someone jump from the bridge. Or you can, as Tom did, swim in the river. It's relaxing and a great photo opportunity!