Day 4 - White Water Rafting on the Nerevta river

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We arranged out rafting trip on the Neretva river through Sarajevo Funky Tours and they drove us to one of the many rafting centres in the town of Konjic. After being fully kitted up with wet suits, helmets and water shoes we were driven several KMs up river for the start of the rafting where we met our rafting captain Maxi - who was very friendly and happy.
Having already had a go at rafting (in Banja Lula) we got straight into it. It was a great day (lasting around 5 hours). The rapids came often and some of them were very fast!
The canyons of the Nerevta are beautiful and in addition to the excitement of the rafting the scenery we passed was stunning to watch.
Along the way we stopped a few times. The first by a rock, perhaps 1.5 or 2 metres high where we were able to jump into the very cold water.
Then about halfway the river opens out onto a wide beach. We stopped here and had a drink and many slices of water melon! After a brief water fight (which appear caused many confused stares from some of the other rafters in other boats!) we continued our trip.
At one point the canyon narrowed and we passed close to two waterfalls - a great photo opportunity which Maxi took while also controlling the boat - luckily the water was calm!
However further down Maxi was not so lucky. We reached a particularly strong rapid. Maxi prepared us for it advising us to hold on but as the boat shot through the fast water we heard a loud splash and looked back to see that Maxi had fallen of the back! He clambered back - totally unhurt except his pride in front of some of the other rafters!
Finally we stopped at one of the Rapids and Maxi showed us how to swim properly through a set of rapids - jumping in holding onto your life jacket and positions you legs forward so that if you do hit a rock it's your legs and not anything more vulnerable. That was fun.
Then it was back to the land and a short drive back to the dive centre.