Day 2 - Night rafting near Banja Luka

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We have been rafting before on the Yellowstone River at the national park but this was a totally different experience. We arrived at the rafting centre at about 9pm and Boris, our guide met us and provided the equipment we needed - wetsuits, life jackets, water shoes and helmets. The rafting centre had everything we needed including rooms for showering and securing our valuables.
From there we drove upriver and helped drag the two boats we were using to the bank of the river Vbras. It was pitch black and after a safety talk we set of with Boris in command, steering the boat and the rest of us sitting on the edges of the raft, paddles in hand.
We paddled in the dark, the stars bright overhead, taking small but growing rapids as we went. It was an exciting feeling and we felt safe with Boris in charge. Then we reached the area of the river that was used for the European Kayak championships. This area was in a narrow canyon, brightly lit by floodlights from the steep cliff faces on either side.
We stopped at the base of a large rock to one side of the canyon where we all got off and climbed to the top. It was an easy ascent and once there we had a chance of some rock jumping into the river. The height was about 1.5m, not that big but daunting when looking down before jumping! The river was cold but the wetsuits helped keep us warm (well a little!)
Then it was off again down increasingly exciting rapids, splashing and getting wet. It was fun and everyone enjoyed it. We had time to practice a manoeuvre that Boris called x where we paddled into the rapids and then Boris swung the boat across to the other side.
Then it was back to the darkened river, leaving the floodlights behind. The whole trip lasted about 90 minutes. Then a shower and changed before travelling back to Banja Luka.
The rafting cost us 210 Euros (30 Euros per person).