Day 13 Zagreb

Flag of Bosnia Herzegovina
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Zagreb was our final stop on our holiday. After a wonderful journey of about 12 days visiting Bosnia and then relaxing on the Croatian coast it was a great place to finish up.

We booked and apartment through ZigZag and it couldn't have been better placed. We were literally 50 metres from the main Ban Jelacic square. Around the square in all directions there are plenty of bars and restaurants.

We spent a day wondering round seeing the main sites including

- The wonderful cathedral of Zagreb with it tall twin spires
- Tkalciceva (a street full of bustling restaruants and shops)
- The funicular railway (a very short journey - only about 30-40 meters I'd guess but an original!)
- Zrinjevac (a small little park in the heart of the city)
- The church of St Mark (a wonderfully beautiful roof)
- Dolac market in the lower town
- A strangely interesting metal statue by Antun Gustav Matos of a man sitting on a park bench (you can sit with him if you like)

We also spent a good deal of time in a little record shop (as Callum is a vinyl freak) and a little comic book store (strangely situated beneath an erotic store!) for Tom.

I can't in all honestly say we did Zagreb justice and we never really got outside of the centre because before we knew it, it was time was time to drive back to the airport. We didn't even get a chance to search out all the statues of the planets which are placed around the city (although we saw the sun but that isn't difficult to spot). But it is a place I'd definitely return for a slightly more relaxing visit!