Day 12 Kuterevo Bears

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We drove back from Dubrovnik to Zagreb in one day and it is a long drive! So we planned a stop off at the Kuterevo Bear Sanctuary as a welcome break along the way.

This really is a bear sanctuary. What I mean by that is that most of our experiences in Croatia were touristy and expensive. By contrast this was free and focused on education. There was a place to give a voluntary donation and this wasn't pushed at all. It was there if you wanted to give. A lovely change from other places we'd visited.

It is hard to find but worthwhile. We looked it up on the internet and followed the sat nav which did a good job finding it. But it is off the beaten track.

We were greeted when we arrived by a young volunteer. She gave us a little talk about the fact that bears who were originally wild in this area (and still do exist in the wild), are, as many wild animals are, losing their natural habitat and often come into conflict with humans. The sancturary here rescues them and gives them a place to stay. They're obviously fenced in but they have a good area to roam and there are only 2 or 3 in each area (small bears in one and big bears in an other). They're lovely creatures and well worth saving. I'd definitely recommend a visit and a donation.